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  • Simple safe fender adjuster. 
  • Heavy duty quality
  • Marine grade leather surface
  • ss steel 316 construction
  • Cheep wool /skin underside
  • Standard sizes fits teak bulwarks
  • Standard sizes fits ss steel rails
  • Custom option any size or style
  • Color option Black ,Tan , Grey , Beige ,white
  • Yachts 50-200 feet
  • 5 year warrenty



    Fender hook can be used on, teak cuprail, painted bulwark, special guardrail tubes etc. For each type, we need correct sizes, shapes and the distance to negihbor elements.

    If the yacht has different bulwark mesurements and guradrail, for each position, correct informations must be provided.

    With the measurement, we also need to know how the lines to be hanged on the hook such as rubrail, deck extension etc, this need to be measured.

    Some of the yacht is not exactly simetrical for each location. So, port and starboard must be carefully controlled.

    Colour, rop diameters, cam cleat type need to be specified.


    What we need?

    If you can provide any of following, this can be enough:

    Autocad drawing for each hooks.

    Template as follow ( from template, you can take photo with typemeasure on the template)

    Sample of cuprail

    Photo of cuprail with type measure

    How to prepare template?


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