Fenders quick guide.

  • Size 12" Yachts 30-50 feet
  • Size 14" Yachts 40-70 feet
  • Size 16" Yachts 50-80 feet
  • Size 20" Yachts 80-125 feet
  • Size 24" Yachts 100-200 feet
  • Size 32" Yachts 100-200 feet
  • Size 38" Yachts 150-300 feet

Sail yachts normally use smaller sizes than power yachts.

Yachts with very high hull normal prefer longer fenders .


All starter kits include the following:

  • Fenders
  • Fender covers
  • Fender lines
  • Rope covers
  • Repair kit
  • Storage bag (s)
  • Air pump (Standard manual pump)


Other pumps are available at discounted prices for starter kit customers:

  • Electric heavy duty pump 12volt outlet
  • Starter kit price € 399.- (Retail € 599,-)
  • Electric heavy duty pump with internal battery and 12/220 volt outlet
  • Starter kit price € 545.- (Retail € 682,-)


  • What yachtfend is correct for our power or sail yacht ?

    The choice of fender size and type is determined by many factors. However, due to the size, weight, and storage requirements of older style fenders, the tendency to under fender your boat can now be corrected by the use of Yachtfend stowable fenders.

    Now you will be able to protect and secure your yacht with heavy duty fenders not limited by storage of your locker or take up unnecessarily space. Whatever yacht size and type; extra storage is always appreciated.

    The suggestions below are guidelines only the bigger is always better to protect your yacht.

    Owner, captain, crew must consider all the docking and rafting situations this to best possible protect the yacht in all weather situations to avoid damage costly repair and lost of season/business.

    Help! My fender got too soft in the cold/too hard in the sun. Why?

    All inflatables get harder in direct sun and hot weather and get softer in rain or cooler weather. This is normal. For example, heat will increase the pressure inside any brand inflatable fender .

    Typical the fender might be loose/soft in the morning after a colder night. When temperature increase again they typical get harder. Because of that do NOT pump up the fenders very hard in the morning when warmer weather is expected later on. Effectively, a 10/15 Celsius / 33 degree increase in temperature can make a hard inflatable extremely to hard or a soft one much harder. This also works in reverse and a hard inflatable will soften if the temperature drops by that amount. Humidity also has a slight impact on the changes. It is normal, and good practice, to adjust the pressure in your inflatable product as the weather changes.


    How are the Yachtfend stowable fenders constructed? How puncture and abrasion resistant are Yachtfend fenders?


    Yachtfend are basic made as Military heavy duty extreme inflate boats.

    Any fender, no matter what it’s made from, can be punctured or damage ?

    Yachtfend can absorb a tremendous amount of punishment before failure; as is reflected in our product warranty. They will withstand very high compression loads that will collapse a normal vinyl fender, leaving you with very little between your boat and damage. Normal care should be taken in fender placement (if you see a sharpened spike or nail sticking out of the dock or piling, don’t put any fender there if avoidable) and they will last a very long time.

    UV Protection?

    The fabric have great Uv protection rate 9 but to prolong the lifetime and to protect the hull we strongly recommend to use the originale Yachtfend fender covers.

    Yachtfend possible to be repaired if punctured?

    Yachtfend can be easily and quickly repaired by non-professionals with readily obtainable glue and patches or to be shipped to our sales & service office .

  • Boat Length Fender Size Notes
    30-50 feet

    10x25"/ 25x65 cm

    13x30”/ 33x85 cm
    Small and medium size yachts
    40-55 feet 13x30"/ 33x85cm, 14x32”/36x85cm 14x42” /36x105cm The volume of air and the surface area, together with the weight, size and style of the vessel and docking conditions encountered will determine the correct fender.
    45 - 60 feet 14x32”/36x85 cm, 14x42” /36x105cm, 16x32”/41x85 cm ,16x42”41x105 cm The 14"/16 diameter fenders in various lengths are sufficient for most vessels in this size range. However, the 18" x 29" size is very popular for locks and bow flare, as is the 24” Ball Fender.
    50 -70 feet 14x32"/36x85 cm 16x32”/41x85cm, 14x42"/36x105cm16x42”/ In this range the longer 14" diameter fenders and all length 18" fenders provide proper fendering. Lighter weight (sail and power) can still use all 14" diameters.  Extreme bow flare may require the use of our 24” Ball or 16” diameter fenders
    60-80 feet

    16x32"/41x85cm , 18x32"/46x85cm, 16x42"/41x105cm 18x42”/46x105cm

    20x32/ 55x85cm 20x42» /55x105cm
    The 16" and longer fenders have worked very well when laid horizontal against pilings. (Let a small amount of air out and they wrap around the piling and stay in place.) Extreme bow flare may require the use of our 24” Ball or 18” diameter fenders.
    60-100 feet 18x32”/ 46x85cm, 18x42"/46 x105cm, 20x32”/ 55x85cm” 20x42”55 x105 cm 18"/20 fenders provide proper fendering.   Extreme bow flare may require the use of our 24” or 30” Ball or 20” diameter fenders.
    80-150 feet

    20x32”/55x85 cm , 24x32”/61x85cm”

    20 x 42»/55x105 cm 24x42»/61x105cm
    The 24" x 42" has proven very popular for stern to ties and swim platform protection. Vessels with a lot of bow flare might look at one or two 24” x 60',
    100-200 feet 24x32”/61x85cm , 24x42”/61x105cm 24x60"/61x 155cm, 24x90”/230cm Our 24" diameter fenders are perfect for yachts in this range, with the 3 foot diameter fenders or 36” Bal and extreme conditions
    150-300 feet 24x42"/61x105cm ,24x60”/ 61x155cm 32x60”/85x155cm, 32x90” /85x230cm Yachts in this size range require not only fenders of sufficient diameters, but fenders that the crew can still deploy and move at the Captain's orders.
    200 300 feet

    38x60'/100 x155cm , 38x90'/85x230cm,

    Other sizes on request
    Our 38' diameter fenders provide great protection in excess of what is normally carried on these mega yachts, however the custom larger sizes on custom order diameter AERÉ fenders are the fenders of choice and are highly recommended on yachts of

Do you need help to chose the products suitable for your boat? Don't hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to assist you!